Why Canteen

Canteen Vending strives to provide the highest level of service for all our customers and consumers. We believe in nothing less than delivering 100% satisfaction. More than just traditional vending, dining and coffee services, we offer customized and comprehensive solutions for our clients.

While Canteen is the largest operating vending company in the United States and it’s the only national vending company — it’s our people and our commitment to service that truly set us apart.

Pioneering and industry is in our roots – since 1929, Canteen has had customers in mind and innovation as a goal.  Our products are in factories, schools, offices, health care facilities, and sporting arenas.  Today’s goal of creating a healthy vending option through innovative design and products make us a leader in the vending industry, backed by the  $11 billion (2011) Compass Group.

Customers remain to be our focus through quality and service, while innovation and leadership help elevate the vending industry. At the core, we care about our people, our customers, and continue to innovate and create a quality product.