Vision & Values

“Always Fresh.  Always On.”

More than a statement about our product and equipment, this is a statement about who we are and how we do business. We are a company that innovates in the vending industry. From our Dynamic Merchandising program that allows us to tailor our product mix to our clients’ needs to Avenue C, our self-checkout vending market, Canteen is leading the way in providing fresh, new ways to serve our clients and customers.

Canteen’s Mission
Our mission is to be recognized as the most client and customer focused company in the world.

Canteen’s Core Values
Since its inception in 1961, Canteen has carved an impressive path as the leader among vending machine suppliers. This legacy of success is built on Canteen’s foundation of six core values:

  • Service: We are dedicated to providing an unmatched level of service to all our clients and customers.
  • Innovation: We tirelessly seek new ideas, fresh solutions and cutting-edge advancements for our field.
  • Leadership: We continually strive to uphold our position as a responsible front-runner in a dynamic industry.
  • Quality: We promise to provide only the highest-quality products and to partner with reputable organizations.
  • Wellness: We are committed to upholding standards of wellness in our own workplace and yours.
  • People: We pledge to contribute to a better world for the people within Canteen, for the people we serve and for people everywhere.

Together, these values highlight our commitment to a standard of excellence within the vending industry — a standard we have upheld for more than 80 years. Through an innovative approach to serving customers by supplying the highest-quality products available, Canteen continues to prove itself as a leader among vending companies.

Through our People we pledge to create a better world, as highlighted through our commitment to wellness and quality in our product.  We provide the vending industry with leadership, innovation and world-class service to continue moving forward and staying “Always Fresh, Always On.