Unattended Retail

Fast, fresh food from a vending machine? That’s a fresh idea. Canteen is a leader in innovative vending solutions, and we’re full of those. From utilizing the latest technological advances with equipment that offers touchscreens and cashless vending solutions, to spearheading a movement for healthy, sustainable vending innovations with wellness programs like Choice Plus, we are constantly delivering inventive vending ideas to our clients and customers.

And Canteen’s innovations go well beyond the vending machine. While we do offer traditional vending solutions, we also have a suite of wellness programs providing better-for-you product options, as well as Avenue C, our industry-leading unattended self-checkout vending concept that allows for greater product variety and fresh food options.

We regularly evaluate and update our product and service offerings, being proud to do business and best serve our customers from the frontlines of innovative industry movements and technological trends. Explore our vending innovation offerings below.