Coffee Product Guide

Canteen isn’t your run-of-the-mill office coffee vendor. Our Refreshment Services division provides the capability for companies to transform their breakrooms into something truly special. We bring the best possible office coffee products and experience into your workplace — from freshly brewed pots of your favorite national coffee brands to fully automated beverage-vending equipment. Delicious hot beverage creations, such as single-cup pod machines and one-touch latte, cocoa and cappuccino dispensers, can provide just the pick-me-up your employees need during a long workday. Refresh and inspire your employees and guests with a customized office coffee guide and beverage menu.

Canteen doesn’t stop at office coffee service — we provide everything you need to keep your workplace stocked and your refreshments satisfying. Outfit your break room with a convenient water cooler for healthy drinking water and better-tasting beverages, plus all the coffee product add-ins you need, from real, fresh dairy creamers to sweeteners to specialty condiments. We offer all the pantry items, paper products and brewing equipment needed to brew a perfect cup. We even offer snacks, fresh food products, and office and cleaning supplies!

Download our Product Guide for a full listing of our high-quality coffee products.