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We offer a new level of water services that brings refreshing premium drinking water to your office. Our top-of-the-line filtration technology provides healthy, purified water without the hassle of storing and lifting heavy jugs. Treat your employees and guests to great-tasting water at a fraction of the cost of water jugs and start making better-tasting coffee, soups, cocoa and teas.

Coffee is over 97% water

Great- tasting water is one of the most important ingredients needed to make a delicious cup of coffee! The quality of the water you use is key to ensure satisfying taste and flavor. This also holds true for teas, instant soups and powdered drink mixes that require water. Simply put, better-tasting water makes everything else taste better.

We provide water vending machines from the following top-quality retailers:


Water Services

Canteen Refreshment Services water filtration technology meets the highest standards of water quality and purification, using micro-filtration and reverse osmosis with optional ultraviolet (UV) in-tank disinfection. Water filtration reduces chlorine, chemicals, lead, sediment and cysts while our UV disinfectant keeps your water tank free of bacteria. Our water filtration systems connect to your existing plumbing and are available as countertop units or standing water coolers.


from Canteen Refreshment Services

Canteen Refreshment Services is your partner in implementing workplace programs that are earth, body and community friendly. In support of that partnership, Canteen Refreshment Services is excited to bring your employees EcoStream, the only fully-certified water filtration system that is environmentally friendly, safe and delicious.Features:

  • LED Filter Monitor System ensures that your water is always as pure as possible. No risk of forgetting to change the filter.
  • Built In Leak Detection ensures that you’re facility stays safe. No worries about leaking
  • Energy Star and TUV Certified
  • With EcoStream you eliminate the bottles! No more storing those bulky cases or having to recycle all that plastic.
  • In-Tank UV Sanitization ensures the safest, cleanest water possible
  • Anti Microbial coating

Help your employees make healthy beverage choices. Learn more about EcoStream Water Filtration.