Beverage Vending Machines

Help your employees, students, and guests stay hydrated throughout the day and on the move with their favorite juices, waters, energy drinks, and sodas from one of our stylish glass-front or stacked beverage vending machines. Canteen offers both traditional soda vending machines and the latest interactive vending solutions with a selection of no-calorie or low-calorie healthy drink choices. With the convenience of cashless vending and our diverse offering of your customers’ favorite products, Canteen’s beverage vending machines can help to quench any thirst out there.

All of Canteen’s snack vending equipment features our proprietary reporting tool, Dynamic Merchandising, which provides ongoing reporting of your vending machine’s sales activity. This allows us to customize the product mix within your machine to fit your consumers’ unique preferences, ultimately saving you money by predicting and stocking the products your customers want!

Beverage Machine Features*:

  • Dynamic Merchandising
  • Touchscreens/digital signage
  • Energy-efficient LED lighting
  • Energy Star certified
  • Merchandised with many of your favorite Coke or Pepsi products
  • Cashless readers

Office breakrooms, college campuses, hospital cafeterias, sports arenas, and every location in between can benefit from one of Canteen’s beverage vending machines. To learn more about our beverage vending machines and product selection, visit our Vending Services page, or see our Refreshment Services page to explore even more beverage options, like coffee services, for your facility.

* Features listed may not be available on every machine. Contact a representative for details.